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Our Services for Companies

Intellectual capital is a resource of prime importance for all companies, since it has a fundamental influence on the competitiveness of a company in any business sector. Through the selection and retention of people capable of generating the highest value for the enterprise, the efficient development and management of the employees, and the development and reinforcement of the capability of organization for continuous renewal, thereby ensuring a successful HR system for the company, a company can gain and maintain a competitive edge that ensures the strengthening of its market positions. These are the guiding principles of Bányai & Partners Consulting in offering its services to the business community.

Employment Servicess

To fill a position, we search for candidates who suit the client’s specifications, and then greatly facilitate the client’s decision by performing a complex, comparative and objective analysis of the applicants’ relevant professional backgrounds, work experiences and personality traits. The process of recruiting a new employee involves three participants: our client, our staff and the candidates. In the course of recruitment – selection, we use the following methods:

Search through advertisement

The advertisement usually contains key details of the client company, the name of and the responsibilities attached to the position, the requirements and expectations concerning the applicants, and finally, information on remuneration.

Direct search

In essence, the researcher specialists of our company review, within the appropriate labor market section, the entire body of specialist staff fulfilling the requirements of the given position. We locate and then introduce the most appropriate candidates to our client.

Executive search

On the basis of the client’s order Bányai & Partners Consulting search for candidates for a given leadership position or field that requires specialized knowledge. This method is used when searching for a specialist for a high-level position and the search is confidential.

Stages of the preparation for the search process:

  • Design of job description
  • Consultations with the client’s Human Resource Manager and competent staff of the appropriate specialties
  • Finalization of the competences required for the position
  • Choosing the appropriate search method

Key methods used in the course of selection:


In the process of selection the purpose of the interview is to get a general idea of the potential candidate within the relatively short time available, to get to know his or her professional and personal qualities, and to compare these to the profile of requirements of the position. During the interview the applicant is also given accurate information regarding the position for which he or she applied or is being recruited.

Situational interview

In addition to evaluating the theoretical knowledge of the applicants, our main goal is to examine their practical solutions to a specific problem (e. g. a conflict situation, or a management method). Due to its characteristics, this method provides us with a lot of additional information and it also reveals behavioral patterns.


We learn information about the applicants’ skills and abilities. Using this method, the candidates are able to show their skills and knowledge in situational exercises in individual, dual role-play or group settings. These situations have been designed by our experts based on the profile of requirements of the given position, but are not overt representations of real workplace situations.

Stages of the selection process:

  • Design of the timetable and parts of the selection process
  • Review and analysis of resumes received in response to chosen search method
  • Narrow the number of the applicants on the basis of the analytical criteria
  • Preparation of interview sketches
  • Conducting the HR interviews
  • Further narrowing of the number of applicants
  • Conducting the professional interviews
  • Supporting the decision through other means (tests)
  • Final narrowing of the number of applicants
  • Selection
  • Making an offer to the chosen candidate
  • Notification of the other candidates
  • Hiring the chosen candidate

Psychological tests used during the selection:

Completion of the psychological tests is strictly voluntary. The results of the tests will only be used with the candidate’s consent. Our company uses the following types:

  • Personality tests
  • Intelligence tests
  • Motivation tests
  • External-internal control tests
  • Conflict-handling tests
  • Creativity tests
  • Attention concentration tests
  • Attention sharing tests
  • Organization skills tests